Carpenters & Electrians

To say that the last 5 weeks, since Matthew hit, has been challenging, would be an understatement.  But, God has provided for our every need!  I want to share part of how the construction department and our family has been blessed the past 2 weeks.  Scott communicated a need for 2 teams of skilled carpenters and electricians, to help with his 2 page list of post-hurricane repairs.  He had a limited time frame of 2 weeks that the work needed to be accomplished, due to our regularly scheduled work team season beginning November 4th.  Scott shared the need with our board, who in turn put the word out via email for our urgent need.  In less than 1 week, we had 1 team of 5 scheduled for the first week, and a team of 8 for the second week.  It was awesome to see and hear first hand, how God moved these mens hearts to respond to the call, how He brought these teams together, and how much work was accomplished!   Each team worked hard, long hours, to accomplish all that needed to be done.  They blessed many missionaries as well as Haitian’s lives, by sharing their time and talents!

One of the first projects, was to help make repairs to a local deaf school.  Although the school remained standing after the hurricane, the kids were unable to attend school due to missing tin on the roof!  The team worked hard, and finished the project in 1 day.  The deaf students were able to resume their schooling!


Below is a thank you from the Jamaican Missionaries that run the school.


The teams did many, many repairs on the roofs and houses of missionaries around Cite Lumiere

The team spend 3 days at the local nursing home, Azile Dorcus, making much needed roof and electrical repairs.  The pastor and residents residing at Azile were so thankful!

There were 3 men, that stayed and worked for the full 2 weeks.  We were happy that we could take them to Renault to worship with us on Sunday morning!

Unfortunately, while we were at Renault, Scott tripped on razor wire and cut his arm severely.  We were so thankful that there was a team of American Doctors here that could stitch him up!  His arm is healing nicely, and I can remove his stitches tomorrow! img_0228

With Scott being slowed down, he was so thankful for skilled men that did not need to be supervised.  The team worked well with Scott’s Haitian bosses and together they accomplished a lot of work.  The last job they worked on, was a MEBSH church and school that overlooked the ocean!img_0270

I am happy to say that by the end of the second week, the 2 page to-do list was completed!  It is such a blessing for Scott to have these repairs done, prior to us starting the team season. First, we want to thank the Lord for His care and provision for us.  We also want to give a big thanks to those who responded to the call to serve in Haiti on such short notice, as well as to those that arranged all the logistics and travel.  A big thanks also to those who prayed for the teams!  May God continued to be glorified through all we say and do!

3 thoughts on “Carpenters & Electrians

  1. Dear Scott Mandy and girls, you are always in our prayers but we are especially praying for healing of Scott’s arm. May you all stay well and we thank God for healing. Thank you for all you have been doing each and every day. We love you and will continue to pray. Love Kenny and Kathy

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  2. This is a great example of each individual answering an individual calling and God putting it all together for the Kingdom. It was a joy and a blessing to be with you all this past week. I was particularly impressed with the on-site management and organization and I’m taking the message back to the US: your HarvestCall support is being used very well in Les Cayes! Thanks for your willingness to serve long-term. God bless!


  3. Dear Scott,Mandy and girls
    I was almost in tears while reading your last post about how these men responded to the call and were able to help so many! What a blessing. The before and after pictures are heart warming. We continue to lift you up in prayer as I’m sure it continues to look like a mountain. So glad your parents will be able to spend Thanksgiving with you Mandy. May God continue to bless your efforts and give you strength, both physical and emotional.

    We love you

    John and Linda

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