It’s been awhile!

Wow!!!   Sorry we have gotten behind in our communication with you!  Life continues to be busy, and God continues to be good!

Here are some of what has been happening since our last update…….

Bri, Chloe, and I were able to translate for 3 small medical clinics!  It has been a blessing to work together with Bri and Chloe to serve the Haitians!  Bri even had the opportunity to go out to a small rural village with the medical team.

We hosted our first scheduled construction team of this season in November!  We were thankful to have Ron & Linnea Shick here, with a team from Pennsylvania!  Their team enjoys ministering to the Haitians, and they do it well!  While the men put roofs on, the ladies hosted a women’s ministry, a children’s ministry, and an eye glass clinic!  They also purchased new mattresses for all the residents at Azile Dorcus, the local nursing home.  What a blessing it was to see the excitement of the old folks, when the new mattresses were placed on their beds!

We spent 2 days at a retreat with Haiti HarvestCall missionaries and our board.  It was a weekend full of spiritual encouragement mixed with relaxation and fellowship!img_0303

All HarvestCall Missionaries in HaitiGroup photo of the current Haiti missionaries!

HarvestCall Missionary Kids (minus Silas, plus Hartzler family!)

The missionary kids in Haiti (including the Hartzlers)!

Annual Thanksgiving dinnerSouth Haiti Missionaries, Thanksgiving Day 2016!

Renault Sunday School program is going strong, and continues to be one of our favorite weekly activities! These kids are just so precious!  We are privileged to share God’s word with them every Sunday!

We were blessed by a visit from my parents! It was special to have them here over Thanksgiving!  We particularly enjoyed taking Dad to Renault for the first time! It was awesome having Mom to help me with the little medical clinic too!

A sweet reunion with Phaniel, his mom, and sister!

We had lots of fun, played lots of games, and made some great memories!  (We even got some work done, especially my dad!  He wired the new kitchen addition at the guest house, and completed several other electrical projects with Scott!)

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family!  We really appreciate your love, support, and prayers!  We look forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior with our family and friends in Roanoke.  May God continue to bless you, as you seek Him during this special Christmas season!


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