Wow, its been awhile since I updated our blog!   Life and ministry in Haiti has been keeping us on our toes!   I thought I would share a few things that have been happening since we returned to Haiti at the beginning of January.

I started teaching 8th grade Science everyday at the Missionary School.  It’s been a new and fun experience so far!  I have 6 students, one of them being Chloe!  This semester covers the human body, so it is a good fit for me with my nursing background.  Here are pics of my students with their simple DNA models.

2 weeks ago, one of Scott’s main Haitian workers, Bos Ezekial, was in a motorcycle accident.    After hearing the details of the accident, and seeing the motorcycle, there is no doubt in our mind, that the Lord intervened and spared his life.  He fractured his right leg in 3 places, as well as his left arm.   Thankfully, there was an American orthopedic surgeon at Bonne Fin.  Scott was able to very slowly drive Eze up the mountain to the hospital, where he had surgery on his arm fracture, and his leg casted.  He was discharged 2 days later, and is recovering at his home.  It has been a blessing to witness Bos Eze’s faith in the Lord, as well as his perseverance.  He was sharing the gospel with other Haitians in the emergency room, while in terrible pain!   Bos Eze is missed as the construction season continues without him.  Pray for continued healing.


Bos Ezekial and his wife after being discharged

Renault Sunday school continues to be a highlight of our week!   Worshipping with the Haitian kids has blessed us in so many ways!  We continue to pray for God’s direction in the program, as the number of kids have increased since the hurricane, and there is a need for a bigger space.img_6405img_6412img_6410img_6432


I thought it would be good to show you an updated landscape picture of the area behind our house.  It has been a little over three and a half months since Hurricane Matthew hit southern Haiti.  All three of these pictures are from the exact same spot, looking over our back balcony.


October 2nd, 2016


October 5th, 2016


January 24th, 2017

We appreciate your continued prayers, as team season is in full swing!

  • Our devotion to Christ would be first our priority.
  • Pray for safety and protection for our teams.
  • God would be glorified in all our actions and words.
  • We can prioritize the different demands on our time.
  • Bos Ezekial’s healing.
  • Smooth transition for the construction dept.  We are blessed to have Ed & Julie Sanders join us in full-time service.  But, we will miss working along side of Brent & Alisha Wagonbach. The Wagonbach’s return stateside mid-March.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thanks for another interesting blog post. Sorry to hear about Bos Ezekial’s accident and injuries…our prayers are with him for a full recovery. The re-growth of vegetation since the hurricane is amazing! We appreciate your zeal, efforts, and dedication…and keeping us connected. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon, Lord willing.
    Marv & Nancy

  2. Always love seeing and reading about your ministries. Amazing to see that room full of children! What a difference y’all will make in the lives of these people. Continued prayers for you all!

  3. How exciting that you are teaching, Mandy! I bet that is especially fun for Chloe. Are you still doing some devotions at the school too? That probably keeps you quite busy, along with all of your other responsibilities. I love the pictures of the landscape. They remind me of the promise that “He makes all things new.”

  4. Thanks for the update guys! Hope you doing well and look forward to seeing you in a few months. We love you and are praying for you!!!


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