Roanoke team

Two weeks ago, we welcomed our hometown church team from Roanoke!  Our family had been looking so forward to this week, and we had such a special time together!  The week flew by, and was over way too quickly, but we were left with some great memories!!

Our first day, we recovered a school roof that had lost its roof in the hurricane!  The men worked on the school roof, while the ladies built and painted 10 school desks!  The local village children were around all day, and eager to help!  Once the desks were finished, we had lots of time to play!

Sunday, we had the opportunity to take the team to Renault Sunday school! It was such a blessing to be able to share this part of our life with those we love!

Sunday afternoon, we took the team to explore one of our favorite places, the waterfalls.20170212_155932

Whats the Roanoke team, without a good tarantula hunt??

Monday was back to business, as we headed off into the mountains to the village of Thomaset.  We drove 2.5 hrs, where we parked our vehicles, and prepared for our 3 hour hike in back to the village!   fullsizeoutput_624

Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about carrying the lumber and tin for the church and school roofs.  The material had been dropped off 1 week prior, and carried back to the church by the church members!  We were also thankful to see the mules, that we loaded up with generators, water, cots, and supplies for our 3 day stay.

The hike was challenging!  There were many little hills, and 1 large, steep mountain to climb!  Thankfully, the ladies of the village, came and helped us with some of our supplies and packs! The Haitian ladies were so inspiring, as they quickly maneuvered the rocky paths, in little plastic shoes, carrying our supplies on their heads and backs!  So many spiritual lessons were learned from the journey!

The view when we arrived at Thomaset, was incredible!  We were able to see the north shore of the island!  fullsizeoutput_613

The guys went right to work on the school roof, as the ladies started the church benches.

Many memories were made as we worked, ate, and shared life together.

Tuesday afternoon, just as the men were finishing the church roof, it started raining!  We stood inside the church as it rained, and thanked the Lord, that this small community now has a dry place to worship the Lord!  The afternoon was topped off with this beautiful reminder of God’s promises!fullsizeoutput_5f8

Wednesday, we packed up, ate a small breakfast, and headed back to our vehicles. I think everyone was thankful to arrive back at the guest house, to have a soft bed, American food, and a shower!


A big thanks, to the guys, who despite wanting to rest and shower when we arrived back, continued working on projects for the Construction Dept.

Thursday, we enjoyed a meal and spending time together at the beach!fullsizeoutput_607

We want to thank the Lord for His protection, provision, and for the spiritual blessings on the week!  We also want to say thank you to each and every person on the team, for taking time from your schedules to come down and encourage not only our family, but the other missionaries and the Haitian believers.  We had a memorable week, spending time out in the “bush” together with you!  One we will not soon forget!  We are so thankful for the bonds that were formed this week!  Love to all!

8 thoughts on “Roanoke team

  1. Wonderful pictures. Bless you all for the work you are doing and spreading the Word. I would be freaking out if I saw one of those spiders though…lol

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the week! It truly was a blessing and I can say that for the whole team as well! Thank you and your fam for putting up with us and sharing your gift of hospitality! Love you all!!

  3. Incredible pictures!! Thanks so much for the photo tour. What a blessing for all involved!! The Haitians seem delighted with their wonderful place to worship. God bless you richly for all you do. Love and prayers always.

  4. Jonathan gave a wonderful update to the Roanoke Church when he returned. Thanks for all the pictures. What a special time it must have been for you all! With our love and prayers –

  5. So good to talk with Meg Sunday about her time in Haiti! All the stories and laughs brought back so many memories. ALMOST felt like I was there! Love u guys! Lynn

  6. Dear Ones – SUCH a blessing to see the pictures of the Roanoke team supporting the Haiti mission work! Thanks for sharing & for the reminder of your need for continued prayers in His work.

    We hope to be with your folks Monday evening & are excited that they may be getting a camper this weekend! We look forward to spending more time with them & Lucy. Steph is thankful that your dad & “Fred” are available to go fishing occasionally, weather permitting. As we get older,our relationships become much more precious to us!

    We love you all so much & continue to cover you in prayers for safety, strength, provision, & peace.


    Sent from my iPad


  7. Certainly no lack of activity for your family! Thanks for taking the time to put together this interesting post with so many great photos. Keeping you all in our prayers, M&N

  8. Great pictures!, I heard about the trip from Jonathan and Megan and saw their pics but this expanded their story. We continue to pray for you, Scott and Mandy, asking the Lord to give you strength and bless your family. We love you.
    John and Linda

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