Eureka Bible Team

We just finished a great week with a small team from Eureka Bible church!  We are so thankful that Scott’s mom, sister, and brother-in-law came to visit, and that they brought Pat, an awesome mechanic! They were a small, but mighty team, and got a lot of work accomplished!

We were blessed by Cory, Kim, & Edie’s organizing skills!  They spent 2 days cleaning and organizing plumbing and electric supplies, while Pat worked his magic on some of the vehicles.


We at worshipped at Renault on Sunday morning, and helped with a distribution of clothes and health kits afterwards!!

The team spent 2 days working with Scott, Ed, and their Haitian bosses putting a roof on a church in a local deaf village.  The team really enjoyed getting to know Tony & Cilda, the missionary couple in charge of the project.  They also enjoyed interacting with the deaf children at the school.

Bri and Chloe were also thankful for Kim’s hair cutting skills!!  She did a great job!

We enjoyed many dinners together on the porch, as well as dinner at the Bistro, a local French restaurant!  (Thanks, Pat!). IMG_0763IMG_0781

We spent our last day together exploring one of our favorite little islands, and enjoying the natural beauty of this country!

Thanks so much for visiting us!  We had an awesome week with you!IMG_0793

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