Azile Dorcus

Azile Dorcus is a special place in Haiti.  It is a place where elderly Haitians reside, that do not have family to take care of them.  Basically, a nursing home.  Every time I go visit, my heart is touched by these kind, gentle souls.  The joy emanating from the residents, is contagious!  I always leave Azile feeling more thankful and blessed.  The residents have very little materially, but they do not lack in spirit or zeal for the Lord!  They are a great example of contentedness for me.

Recently, a group from Roanoke church sent gifts for each resident.  The men each received a new button-down shirt, slacks, and a hygiene kit (soap, wash cloth, tooth brush, tooth paste, clippers, etc.).  The ladies received a day dress, as well as a hygiene kit.  Each gift was cleverly packed in a pillow case, so each resident received a nice, new pillow case too!  It was evident that the residents do not receive gifts often!  There was singing, shouting for joy, and lots of dancing!!  I wish everyone that participated in putting the gifts together, could have been here to see the emotion and thankfulness shared that afternoon!


Thank you to those of you that shopped and put these gifts together!  It was so fun to bless and encourage these Haitians with the gifts!

2 thoughts on “Azile Dorcus

  1. What a worthwhile event! The home there looks bright and clean. I’d be glad to participate next time if the organizer would contact me. 🙂 carol

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures, Mandy! I can see why these people are special to you and especially love the last photo with the three sweet ladies! I’m praying for you and your family,

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