Time flies!

Sorry, it’s been awhile since we communicated with you through the blog!  That doesn’t mean we don’t need your prayers, just that we’ve been busy, and haven’t taken the time to post!

Since our last update, we have been busy with team season, hosting construction teams every other week.  It has been so great to see and catch up with those team members that return on the teams each year!  There have also been lots of first-timers, and it has been a blessing getting to know them as well!  I just love seeing how God puts each team together, young and old, each with different skill sets and gifts!  When I see the team members together along with our Haitian bosses,  and Scott, Ed, and Isaac working together, it is a great picture of how the body of Christ works together to bring glory to the Lord.  It is a privilege to see this first-hand!

This construction season has been a little bit different, for the fact that most of the teams have been going out to the far reaches of the island, 10-12 hour drives away!  After the hurricane, the construction department started doing roofs that were close to the compound.  Slowly, they have been working their way out!  Now, they are out to more remote villages.  That basically equates to less time at the compound and guest house, and more time traveling!

Thanks to Brittany Steiner sharing her gift of photography, we have team photo’s this year!  She takes the time to set up each team for a picture, and does a great job!   Here are the first 3 teams of 2018. IMG_3921

DSC_4603 5x7



Silverton Team

Thank you to all that have given of your time and talents to come serve with the construction department!   It has been a blessing and joy to serve with you all!

That leads us to the 4th team of the season, the Roanoke team.  Chloe, Gabby, and myself actually went out with the construction team, so I have lots of pics, which I’ll post in the next blog.

A personal update on our family…..  We are thankful that the Lord has made a clear path forward for our family!  We have purchased a small house in Roanoke, and plan to depart from Haiti on April 4th.  We ask for your continued prayers, as we transition from our life in Haiti to moving back to our home culture, and settling in Roanoke.  As excited as we are, it is very bittersweet, as we have to say good-bye to those that we have grown to love deeply.






One thought on “Time flies!

  1. Thank you for the update and pictures. What a blessing you all are to this place!! We pray for your continued safety in Haiti and also as you prepare to leave there. We will be glad to have you home!!! I know this will be hard but God and all your family will be with you!! Love you all, Marshie

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