Roanoke Team 2018

We had a great week with a team from our hometown church of Roanoke!   The team put roofs on 3 different schools, and spent the night out in 2 different communities, Les Zanglais, and Port a Piment.  I (Mandy), actually went out with the team, which enabled me to get lots of pictures! The week was filled with fun, fellowship, and hard work!  Lot’s of great memories were made!

Saturday, the team started and completed the first roof.  The school was about 20 min away from the compound.  We had a great group of ladies putting school desks together and painting them.

And for the more serious work…

Sunday, we had the privilege of taking the team to Renault Sunday school, followed by lunch at our house.  After lunch, we had an afternoon of fun in the sun out at the Wray’s camp.


Monday, we started our 4 hour drive around the south west coast of the island.  The drive was so beautiful!  It was awesome to see the turquoise water of the Caribbean on one side, with mountains on the other.  28167828_553931094988918_8022837623986333303_n


The work started once we arrived at the church.

Taking a break after setting up 24 cots!




Tuesday, we finished the first job in Les Zanglais, and drove to the second church in Port a Piment.  The roof was 2 stories, which made things a little more difficult on the roofing crew.  They did a great job! IMG_0874IMG_0867IMG_0864IMG_0875


The bench crew working on the third set of school desks for the week!


The local Haitian kids loved the interaction with the team! IMG_0878IMG_0879

Enjoying Haitian cuisine together!


What is a Roanoke team, without taking time to “fish” for tarantulas?  They weren’t disappointed! IMG_20180218_21285823528166594_553443911704303_1733276173185053377_n

Our last day together, we enjoyed a tour of the dairy project, a quick visit to a waterfall, and the beach at Port Salut.IMG_4358


The week also included many fun nights at the guest house!

 DSC_5785 3

We are so thankful for your visit, and the time we got to spend together!  Thank you for your love and support!  You were such a blessing to our family! It was a privilege to work together with you to serve the Haitians!

3 thoughts on “Roanoke Team 2018

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad to have some pictures of this team for my photo book. Can’t wait to see you all soon! Love, Geege

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