A special week!

We had an awesome week!  The week started off on Sunday, celebrating the 10th yr anniversary of the Wray’s family ministry at Renault!  Rod, Deb, and their family started the Sunday school program on a small piece of land, under a tent, with a handful of kids, over 10 yrs ago.  The Lord has blessed and grown their ministry in amazing ways, and they are now serving 1500-2000 kids each Sunday!  It was a privilege to join them in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, for the work He has done in Renault. They showed a slide show with pictures from the past 10 years, and the kids loved it!  It was so fun to see the reactions of different kids recognizing themselves from photos taken years ago.  After the Sunday school program, we helped distribute clothes and food to each child.  fullsizeoutput_148ffullsizeoutput_1482fullsizeoutput_1463

Monday, started a week of translating for an amazing medical team from Missouri!  This is our 3rd year of translating for these Drs, and it has been such a blessing getting to know them and serve alongside them!   Their passion to serve this poverty stricken population, touches my heart each year.  Over the 5 days of clinics, the Drs saw just under 3,500 patients!  The first 2 days of clinic were held at Renault.  For most of this population, it is the only time in the year, they get to see a Doctor.  Not only did they get to see a Doctor, but there was a dentist (wish they would’ve counted how many teeth were pulled during the week!!), nursing/wound care, reading glasses station, scabies treatment, and a pharmacy!

Wednesday, the team moved to a different part of Cayes, and set up the clinic inside a small church.   We heard stories of how some of the Haitians came from up to 4 hours away, just to see a Doctor.   People were begging and crying at the gate to be seen.

After we finished our 3rd day of translating, the girls and I stopped at the Bistro on our way home, for an early supper! IMG_1908

Thursday, was our day off from translating, so we joined the Peoria/Morton Construction team for a day at the beach!  It was a relaxing day and a fun team!   It was also great to reconnect with Scott & Gabby, since they were out with the construction team most of the week!  Gabby had a “great week” with this bunch!  2018-03-10-PHOTO-00000579

DSC_6165Friday, it was back to translating.  We headed out to the countryside, to a small village church, and set up the clinic for the day.  The pastor and community were so thankful to receive the team, and their medical expertise!  They were a huge blessing to this community! IMG_0956IMG_0943




Saturday, clinic was held at Ti Verny.  The line of people waiting to be seen, was down the porch, around the dorm, and all they way out the gate!  IMG_0962

Let’s just say that work wasn’t the only thing being done this week!  We each had many opportunities to love on the little ones!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to translate for these Doctors, and serve the Haitians together with them this week!  Thank you for the love, generosity, and compassion you showed each day!

Once again, it was special for me to work alongside Bri & Chloe, and for Chloe to spend the week with Katie, her best friend!  As in most cases of serving others, we received exponentially more than what we gave this week!  What a pleasure to serve our great God together!


Dr.Deb, one of our favorite Docs! 



2 thoughts on “A special week!

  1. SO prayerful for all of you in the final weeks of serving in Haiti! Thankful for the past week of blessings with dear friends you’ve made in the past 5 years. You will come back to the US forever changed, & our fervent prayers & confidence is that God will provide in the transition. Kate recently suggested that potluck, their kids, & grandkids get together this summer. She & David were at an event recently with Marc & Stacy & she said it was wonderful to catch up. Gave her the desire to get together with more of you!

    Our love in Him, Steph & DonnaLou

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